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Yo Gotti – Jackin 4 Beats Lyrics

Yo Gotti – Jackin 4 Beats Lyrics

I told my dawgz we was gon be rich one day.
HA Muthafuka I’m rolling, top drop in that lamborghini bitch.
Tell it from wet willies
I just had a few martini’s on the beach,
Ms Dior and she got on a bikini.
Pussy niggas in my city playin they don’t wanna see me.
In my rollin rolls royce phantom with the chauffer
Back seat with my toaster

Standard clip don’t need no holster.
I’m real like I’m supposed to
I swear tried to keep it kosher
Nigga kept on playin games wit me so I cold not look overem
I’m 37 flights up in the sky I see the ocean mane trump tower ocean view right down the street frim ocean view
Yea I been m.i.a. othaa niggas m.i.a

Don’t you get it twisted its north memphis till my dying day
Live from the kitchen bitch thats on the way
Cm6 gangster grillz
We the moast anticipate

Streets mad damn gotti you had the whole world Waitin
Had to cook that shit again make sure it wasn’t no soda taste
I’m tha ether out the beaker streets been tweakin for that gangster shit
Well here I go fresh out the bricks

Break me down take a hit
I am what I am & you not what you tryna be
Its my fault you a wannabe remember its only one of me
Gotti King I eat niggas like pihranhas
Yellow ice like a mcdonalds
Want that white meet me in the tunnnel
I go hard every summer I keep soft in the winter
Gave the streets that cm6 so in the hood its early christmas


N I ain’t on the x-pill
I’m dollar sign high
You don’t know how that feel
I don’t need nothin
I’m just tryin shit
Gave my bitch my card n she just buyin shit.
I got a whole buncha bitches
Even mo haters
You just got the fed I need to see you fckin papers.
P.S.I P.S.I I need to read
To many niggas workin wit the feds you wouldn’t believe it
So no mo talkin on phones
Meetin no niggas talkin on songs

Regular nigga you ain’t built like me
Gangster of the year I don’t need no songs
That’s regular weed nigga that ain’t no strong
You a regular nigga so I know what you on.
Regular bitches doin extra ordinary shit
Head 3 hours long
Red bottom red bottom for my bitches
This jackin four beats so dj drama gone switch it.

Yeah I’m on my fuck the world chris brown shit they trynaa hold me down shit
I came up wit anotha hit and they came back around bitch
Fuck the industry fake muthafuckas
Niggas from yo city be the biggest hatin muthafuckas
Muthafucka I got sniper shooters
No pistol toters we rifel shooters
If I had my gun liscence would I be a rightful user
Or would I pick a fight and shoot a nigga
Gun abuser

Look at me now I’m gettin paper
Farahi 450a for my hater
Had a session wit wiz he smokin paper
My niggas smoke blunts and we kickin shit feelin taylor’d

Trap house wide open, 31 flavors
Dope boy old school shit I need a pager
Junkies wanna get high now but pay me later nigga I wont finance work I got no favors
White spider
White canem

Custom chrome rims bitch thats a couple bricks of yam. I am
Asap stay strapped pussy nigga get slapped
They need too free my nigga Tip asap
Next award show first pussy nigga get slapped red carpet red bottoms nigga fresh up out the trap
White cars white house I put it down round the map

Ridin in the all white jag wit tha music too the max yellin free bad ass
For I ever cashed a check I sold white out glad bags
Weighed up on the scale a couple million pounds of grass

Its dry asap
I’m end up in a bag cause them niggas in my hood goin hard and I ain’t playin

Handle all problems asap
Pay the lawyer what he want and get the case throwed out RICH NIGGA SHIT.
Hit the louie store and go and buy it out

Catch a case and go an work it out
Need too get it cured asap
Nigga I don’t wanna hear it hit you dead in yo mouf

Nawf memphis 901 nigga yeah thas where I’m at
And if a nigga lookin for me he can find me in the crest
Posted up all day third wheelin hallway

Shootin dice wit my niggas tryin ta jump a hard 8
I got money money on my mother fuckin mind
All these twitter ass gangstas beefin on my time line
Nigga go and get a 9 ride down on that pussy let em know whats on yo mind.