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Yo Gotti – Ima Stay Real Til Its Over Lyrics

Yo Gotti – Ima Stay Real Til Its Over Lyrics

Get yo money my nigga don’t change up and stay a real Nigga foeva
Till it’s over

Niggaz fu#k a couple Bit#$*s get a couple chains
Go buy a couple cars when dey think they ain’t da same
You got da whole world fooled homie you should be ashamed
Speak like a gangster but he so lame
Front me show me bricks and I’ll take em’

North Memphis raised jus as gutta as they make em’
Live from da kitchen I’m jus doing my thang Free hip hop keep yo head up wayne
Cocaine musik Nigga what da fuck you thought it was set da record straight cause I don’t know
What dez Niggaz thought it was
Pu$$y azz Niggaz threw water on da stage But I don’t need sucurity cause we all got K’s
TTTTTT Dat’s a murda case Beep den da bud got made say da crowd ain’t jumpin’ if da king
Don’t come Car show king Missin’ out aisle 1

I know way to many Haters hear right now that I Didn’t know last year
Who da Fu#k are ya’ll
I swear I misplaced a last hunneth stacks can’t remember what I bpugth but it’s hard to keep coutin
It all
Wat am I Doin
What Am I Doin
OH Yeah dat’s right I’m doin me I’m Stayin G
I’m Livin’ Life right now mane
And I’m a stay real till it’s over it’s over Till it’s far from ova

Choppa’s on deck
Eeebody Shootin’ yung wild Niggaz dat’s all I’m recruiting
Whip game stupid Bit#h game stupider
Out of space swag like da boy come from Jupiter
Niggaz ain’t real or neither eatin
Fresh off my bus from a life grand weekend
Live from tha kitchen
Beef on da dishis

Put cheese on top of that bet That’ll Have yo azz missin’
You can’t dodge bullet’s if a nigga ain’t shootin’ cause if a nigga ain’t
Shootin’ And if we Beefin’ what you doin
Dis dat coscol gangsta shyt blog site internet
Counterfiet thugs I’m like where tha fuck They deal em’ at
Goon’s on sale walmart aisle three
Cap gun nigga Watch me hit em’ with a hundred peace

Picture me a hundred Deep
Real Niggaz
Real Bitches
Real Killers
Real Goons
Dey fuck with me