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Yo Gotti – Letter Lyrics

Yo Gotti – Letter Lyrics

(Yeaahh Lil Lody on the track!)
I got a letter for you
Yeah, from the the bottom of my heart nigga 8/11
Dear I respect you like a little brother should
You gotta know, got a million dollar master plan
Bro I know you a man, I know you get your own money, I understand
We kill for each other, Steal for each other, violate your parole I’ll do them years my brother
I just wanna do this music, you just wanna slang yay
Pray to God every day that we get on the same page
I got a letter for you, better yet I got some cheddar for you
Nigger play with
You know niggers like us, don’t get
I’m on the road and niggers askin’ bout you
They wanna hear you cause they hear a nigger rapping about you
No niggers with you
And they verified you a real nigger!
You’ve been above, playing devil in the field, nigger
But when you look at me, you’re looking in the mirror nigger
I’m what you made me, get money and take care of the fam. right [?]
Ain’t that what you told me
Ain’t what my life like
One of a kind, blood line like no other niggers
Sincerely yours, yo gotti, lil brother, nigger!

You’re going, going on, I’m saying
You and gotta be on the streets bro
If you’re going back I’mma feel like its my fault

Letter to my niggas, letter to my family
Letter to the streets, man we out here livin’ scareless
Wrote a letter to my haters, told ’em I don’t give a fuck
When you see me in the streets you know what’s up pussy!
Letter to my niggas, letter to my family
Letter to my haters, man I know they can’t stand me
Wrote a letter to the fans, told ’em Ima live it up
If you want me come get me, I don’t give a fuck!

It’s a letter to my tell ’em about their mommas
Tell ’em about ’em dad, how we met and got their numbers
Met ’em in the club, daddy was a
You got from
Daddy start tripping, start and crapping
Bitches start
Treating momma like a queen
Momma just want a daddy
But daddy didn’t miss us, so momma start being happy
It’s a letter to my daughter, don’t let a nigger treat you like I treat your momma
Your first words your first steps
On a road thinking dollars
And my son he’s a mother fucker
We gotta burn like a mother fucker, tell him to fight
Never run from a mother fucker
You talk to daddy, he’s a mother fucker, and back to me
Like obstacles, life against the obstacles
That’s what done the impossible
But daddy came through
So why I try to tell you
You could be who you wanna be, do what you wanna do