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Yo Gotti – I Remember Lyrics (feat. DJ Khaled)

Yo Gotti – I Remember Lyrics
(feat. DJ Khaled)

[Yo Gotti:]
I remember, see I remember like yesterday
Vividly, everythin’ I went through

I remember long nights, days
Been fucked up on steppin’ my ice game
Openin’ that door stages then the lights came
Went to Mexico, met a plug, then my life changed
And I was on vacation
Never was with waitin’
Always been impatient
Always ’bout the money
Never been with hatin’
Believe in loyalty, I had my niggas fight they cases
Don’t believe in hope, I tell ’em hold they head
I tell ’em stack they bread
I tell ’em pipe it down
Before you get up in the feds, homie talkin’ loud
Between you, I think you scared
‘Cause if you really was the problem, he’ll end up dead
And that’s some real shit
I don’t talk about niggas ’cause it’s a waste of time
And when I talk to my young’ns, I tell ’em go and grind
And when I talk to the plug, I tell him double up
It’s summer time, nigga tryna fuck the city up
I remember my first 9 like yesterday
All base, fucked off the kitchen off an ounce of yay
Plug don’t give a fuck, he like niggas still got to pay
My ounces 24 grams, not 28
That’s the make up and every day I wake up
Grad my stap and talk to God
Make sure that I’m prayin’
And once I leave the house I may bump into a hater
And all my shooters aim for they face, straight up
Don’t believe in hoe problems so I leave these hoes
You need that time by yourself so you don’t need these hoes
I’m worth 20 mil nigga, got 100 to go
If it was 5, it’s half, it’s bigger than O
I been a partner with LA Reid and Jay Z
I’m still hangin’ with niggas who coppin’ half of keys
Still runnin’ with niggas gettin’ pounds
And still game to let your ass down, nigga, for real

I’m your rappers favorite rapper, I’m a trap hero
My whips KKK white and my guns negro
Black, white, white, black, I’m color blind
Nigga if your life matter, well nigga so does mine
Yeah this shell 9, streets call for it
It was just amount of time
And the phone sell the record, fuck I still fine
I’m a still hold my head high and still shine, yeah
I drop without a single
Man I used to throw 10 thousand singles
Used to have my dope in a can of Pringles
I sell every pack of paper
Can 30, I done need some net
Street nigga at heart and I’m oldschool
My niggas used to smoke loud, now they on dog food
It’s no average life, nigga this average life
Partner killed a partner, go to the funeral, go the burial
Talk to his mama, this shit can get scary
I’m known none of this is gon’ worry us
The cars material, money deteriorate
Bitches gon’ vanish and still illuminate
I got plaques on the wall, niggas in the jailhouse
Got my advance check, bail my niggas out
Played my role nigga, fishin’ them birds out
When you the kingkin, there ain’t shit you can tell ’bout
Look around nigga, who you see
We in streets, nigga chance is learnin’
Gettin’ Lamorghini, 200 k advance
And that ain’t label money, that was mine nigga
‘Cause l my young’ns got the same dream as mine nigga
You tryna be a young millionaire, me too
Move your family out the hood, me too
We jump coupes
And we ain’t makin’ WorldStar, we makin’ news
So don’t get this shit conferred, nigga

[DJ Khaled:]
I remember when they tried to play me, huh
Notice how I said ‘try’
On everythin’ I love, that will never happen
I remember when I made my first milli’
I remember, on everythin’ I love, I remember
I remember when they tried to count me out
So I count it up
On my mama, I remember
I also remember those that showed love
I’m forever grateful
I swear to God, I remember
I remember, they wanted to see me broke
They wanted to finish me
They wanted me to be miserable
So I decided to make 25 million
In 11 months to be exact
I remember