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Meek Mill – Mo Money Lyrics (feat. French Montana & Lil’ Snupe)

Meek Mill – Mo Money Lyrics
(feat. French Montana & Lil' Snupe)

[Allen Iverson:]
What are we talking about practice
We talking about practice man

[Meek Mill:]
I'm just with my niggas spining hella blocks
Bad bitch on all my banshee I'm like twelve o' clock
Vroom vroom I might do a hundred block
In the back hundred niggas deep and we like fuck the cops
I see these haters looking at me like I owe them something
You looking back I prolly throw you something
I see you flexing with that money and I know you frontin'
I had cases never told 'em nothing

[Lil' Snupe:]
She let you know that we ain't flexing
You quit [?] gon' get ejected
Niggas want to kill me cause a nigga coming up
Want to kill 'em but that shit my really fuck my money up
Focus on my grind got to get the stash
Tryna leave the streets alone but they steady calling back
You ever seen death around the corner
Chilling on the block and pussy niggas run up on ya
Busting shells at you when they hotter than a sauna

[French Montana:]
All these chains and this change on me
Niggas said I changed man they changed on me
Man it ain't a thang everything on me
Man a see a clear port plane on me

[Meek Mill:]
You see me coming around your corner I got a check
Flew into your city leave my niggas on the jet
Ballin' like…

Mo money, mo money only bringing more problems
Mo money, mo money only bringing more robbers
Want to see me in a box I went and push boxed 'em
Show me some evidence
Never was better than nor was you relevant
I'm too competitive walk in the club get my 357 in
My level went excellent
I cut the brick like its cards and I shuffle it
You told 'em we selling it
A mouse in the building that act like an elephant
Who the fuck just let the devil in
Come to my city they treat me like president
Ain't got no pity for niggas that's settling
I had that Lala and Melo was selling them niggas
Fuck JR Smith
Niggas try to kill me but they all miss
My day ones man they all with ya
Had a lot of homies but they all switched
Word up my nigga

With 100 nigga behind me
North side Philly where you find me
Riding around with a 30 in my lap in a big ass phantom
I'm with the Bentley like I'm Johnny
Watching out with the toolie for a robbery
Bang motherfucker for the money and the respect
Hit 'em in the head

Back a nigga wasn't mad then
Took advantage I asked them
For a shot at this start laughing
It took a year or two and now
Y'all niggas all look like haters
You ain't even put your glove on paper
Word around that you tricking on bitches
Catch you with your chain on and we take it