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Meek Mill – G’s Up Lyrics

Meek Mill – G's Up Lyrics

It's meek motha fukkin milly yallll
Bh (bh) all ma bitches, all ma babys
You knoe I had to do one for da hoes (hoes)

I seyd hoes we never love em
We fukk em nd discuss em
If u ain't fukkin ma man
U probably fukkin ma cuzin
Itsz nuffin how do you want it
Him, him, or me better yet a buffett you can take all 3
But I don't get her number I tell her to call me
Phone rings she with her friends and they wanna par-ty
I tell her meet me hotelly room 1-3
I'll be there in a lil
Me, lil, me lizzle
Stepped up in da telly
Hoes naked already
Lookin all sexy
Screamin daddy come get it
But u ain't gotta tell me twice I be rite in it
Shawty wetter den a pool
I dive up in it like I'm swimmin (SPLASH)
Knockin bitches off daddy this ain't nuffin new
I'm shaggy baby won't u love ma dogg scooby-doo
She seyd this is krazi
But I told her dis is wat we do
Expect the unexpected
U seen the movie to
Rollin threw da block
Banshee on rock
Bad bitch on da back as a 12 oclock
T5 barkin on em
Pt9 taurus on me
Cops come double clutch
Fishtail da corner on me
Ride hard slide off like a maserati
Gettin low up on dat pole
Shyt I be clyde nd she ma bonnie
Ma mammi lil hotti
Vanilla ice cream
Check out her eyes look at her body ma lil rite thing
Bitches be on ma dick
Cus they knoe I be on some shyt
Like if u a fukkin or sukkin don't even jump in da whip
If she ride tell her to jump in
If she ain't tell her to holla
We slidein in da impala
We glyde choppin with choppers
It's still M-O-B
Dem mammis don't get a dolla
I'm tryin to fukk you for free
If u trickin don't even bother
I'm a P-I-M-P makin bitches is ma scholar
Played da blue and white yankee
Striped polo with da colar
Everybody knoe ma name
Meek milly flow is flame
Plus I got that fire puffers call me lil wayne
And I lil game hoes fell a nigga swag
Tryin to fuck me or suck me
Just so they can get dey niggas mad
See dis not da sin-lab
You the one who wifein her
You eatin her nd treatin her
I'm da one dat pipe dat
Soon as I'm finished with her u can have her right back
Before I get a piece of pie ma mans probably slice dat
Breakdown take down shawty keep ya mouth shut
Dis is wat we do 102 u ain't bout dat
I don't give a fukk I'll leave u stuck like a mouse trap
Middle of da city tell ya brother to gte with me