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Meek Mill – House Party Remix Lyrics (feat. Fabolous, Wale, Mac Miller)

Meek Mill – House Party Remix Lyrics
(feat. Fabolous, Wale, Mac Miller)

[Intro: Fabolous]
Ay Meek Milly, is my niggas there? (Yea)
Is there some bitches there? (Yea)
Is that Ciroc there? (Yea)
Well let's go

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
I tell her meet me in the bathroom, hold up, better yet my bedroom
I call that my V.I.P., fuck a bad bitch get some head-room
If I score and her girlfriend, I'm calling that And-1
If I murder that from the back, I'm calling it redrum
All these bad hoes in my sight
I see bad hoes on my left, I see bad hoes on my right
And they like Shots!, Shots!, Shots!, Shots! Loso bringing by Ciroc
Mac gonna bring some OG and we gonna party, La-Di-Da
Wale said he on his way with Black Cobain and BOA
MMG we in this bitch, we balling hard, no we don't play
We stacking chips like Frito Lay, flexing on these mother fuckers
I walk in the building and I'm fresher than a motherfucker
Shawty Bad, Yeah she a star
I tell her bring it back like a DVR
Ain't nobody leaving, cause we too far
I tell her my dick can't breathe and she gon' give me CPR

Ciroc all on my table, bitches in the living room
They gon ask you at the door, "what you tryna get into"
Only me and my niggas, tell her bring a friend or two
Bottles poppin models watching all in my living room
Welcome to my house party party

[Verse 2: Fabolous]
I say one big room full of real niggas
Bunch of bad bitches, and some chill niggas
Crib out in Bel-Air, No uncle Phil niggas
So I take em' in the basement and yea I feel Tigga
I don't hear niggas corny raps, yeah I feel Jigga
You little niggas do whatever make you feel bigger
Every time I'm around ya'll, something's a little fishy
I smell, I smell, I smell pussy!
What's your name, where you from? Almost done with interview
I'm into having intercourse, is that something that interests you?
Yes, no, maybe so, baby bro fix me up
Real house party shit now hold up your Dixie cup
With your other hand, do me a fucking favor
Put your middle finger up and say "Fuck the neighbors! "
And Fuck the haters they never invited
They can't get on my level, my level is private
Who fly more than me?, my level is pilot
My pockets stay fat, I'm never on diet
Don't be stuntin out of town when you get on
I do you like Kid and whoop your ass when you get home

Welcome to my house party party
Welcome to my house party party
Welcome to my house party party
Welcome to my house party party

[Verse 3: Wale]
Hol' up, this gon' be one vicious flow, show me what it's hittin' for
Promise if I kill her pussy, I'll send you home in a Ghost
And we on, joe, Burberry my winter coat
Germantown my older bitch, she call me her youngin charm
Kick game in [?], I'm fucking with plenty but
Got a new [?], she got her a [?]
MMG and we out, couple blunts deep as fuck
Haters love to talk you down when bitches always pick you up
Maybach! Bitch, we the winning team
How can I illustrate, you drawing if you ain't with me
Balling like I'm in that league, flossing out, you bitch gon' leave
Party at the L-I-V, y'all gon' be like this shit O.D.!
Mansion party, yea they on the couches
Most of 'em got no conscience, I promise I keep a condom
E'ry Friday new polish, shawty fly but she modest
Double M G money speakin', bet you tired of talkin'

[Verse 4: Mac Miller]
You only getting one shot, I hope your picture takes
Bitch I'm spitting on this remix like I'm Kid and play
You know I'm getting laid like I'm Vincent Chase
I'm thinking 'Ye should hit me just say that shit is cray
Off the backboard playa, I enjoy to bank
Plus my people smoking on that pack, noise complaint
I murder beats and get away, it's First 48
But this the house of love homie, word to Courtney's place
20 racks a night, that's on merchandise
I'm rollin' up this killer, sippin' purple Sprite
Party hard then head to Europe on a early flight
Walking 'cross the London Bridge, that's that Fergie life
White boy, gone wild, every time I do a show it's like the Pope in town
And I call my girl Titanic, cause she go down
Hope she don't drown, bitch