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Meek Mill – Freestyle On Flex Lyrics

Meek Mill – Freestyle On Flex Lyrics

What we doing, Flex?
They see us, Funk Flex, Meek Mill, 017
I mean, why not?
Dreamchasers in the building, you know what it is
Philly, New York City, what's up?
All my NY niggas, what's up?
The mafia, ha, let's get it!

Mixed the Balmain with the Bape shit, I've been going ape shit
Finna go banana like the K clip
Niggas talk about me, they see me and never say shit
Keep them suckers dippin' and dodgin', like it's The Matrix
Heart full of hatred, show it on the Internet
Weirdo niggas in my comments, but we ain't into that
We was in there making it double and tryna get it back
Bust a thousand traps all in it and take that rental back
Couple hundred, tint it black, tryna make a mil in it
I'm a let 'em shuffle when I cut it, got to deal with it
When I got it, put my homies on like a real nigga
And they all still with us
Seen too many trill niggas fall to let you bitch niggas beat me
'Fore I take a loss they gon' have to RIP me
But that'll never happen, take this war shit deeply
My young niggas starving in them trenches and they need me
They like, "Meek Milly, won't you spit that crack again?"
Fake niggas up three, bring us back again
Riding down Broad Street, I'm in the Bach again
I bully niggas, I'm unlike Mac again
Philly, money can't make me, suckers can't break me
Back to back jabs, but I'm still gettin' eighty
Just to walk through, and have them hoes going crazy
All this cash money, got me stuntin', like I'm Baby
Posted up with Nicki, that's when it get tricky
Niggas in their feelings, that's when it get drizzy
Speaking on the Chasers, definitely get busy
We get money, stay a hundred, we don't never keep it 50
And we don't cosign no rats over here, my G
On scopes on them straps over here, my G
Lot of security with badges over there, I see
You brought the law with you, I brought them hittas with me
It ain't a nigga that I met I thought was realer than me
I'm 'bout to take 'em 4th quarter, I can feel it in me
Catch 'em on the inbound, watching for the shot clock
5-4-3-2-1, pull up for the jumpshot
Swish, nigga! We used to play Sega
Now its Glock 40, with the red lasers
Niggas want to kill us, but they can't fade us
Play them corners, we trappin', watch for the damn neighbors
Call the cops on us, and we had them Glocks on us
Pocket full of rocks on us, they was sending SWAT for us
Super predators, is what they said of us
Watching bodies drop on the regular, it was regular
Said it made us cold, but really that shit affected us
Fell in love with hoes, they the only one that accepted us
White folks was prejudiced, so the foreign's all black
We done turned nothing into something; what you call that?
Eighteen, caught my first case, had to fall back
Ten years of probation probably set us all back
Started public housing, now we Kings
Grandma and Mama, we called 'em queens
Chasing that money, and chasing dreams
Serving out people, 'cause they was fiends
On the North side of Philly, where niggas'll serve they mamas
And go spend that money they made on a new designer
They say I'm still stuck in my ways, and to be honest
I probably am; sorry, Your Honor!
I was made like this, I was raised like this
Selling coke to get a mil, shit, I got paid like this

New York City! What we doing, Flex?
Special cloth, special cloth
Shout out to DJ Khaled, this that special cloth
At the radio station
Going brazy with your boys in the building
New York City, what the fuck is up?
We here! Let's get it! Let's get it, Flex!

I'm from a hood of broken dreams
Shots firing, yellow tape on the scene, as spooky as Halloween
Go to school, what do you mean?
When your mama a fiend but your lil' sister a queen
And the fridge so empty it's hurtin' your self-esteem
Now to get out on the corner and get it by any means
How the judge gon' judge us when this is all that we seen?
This is all that we know, eviction note at the door
So we pray like we gon' get to eat one day
I promise we gon' beat them streets one day
Running 'round, living reckless
Knowing we gon' live at peace one day
I'm thinking, "Should I get to sleep some day?"
'Cause I've been up all night chasing this cake
To feed my mama and them
Summer-time, you hear them sirens again
They said, "That boy won't make it."
You hear them screams, Mama crying again
We had to kill and get as violent as them, we tryna live
My young bull, she was supposed to go to the league
Started popping on them P's, running 'round with the fleas
All them A's and them B's start to turn into C's
Go from crossing niggas over into running from D's
'Fore you know it coppers pointing at you, telling you "Freeze!"
And you can't afford a lawyer, so they telling you "Plea!"
Man, this shit worse than cancer, like a fucking disease
Living this nightmare, they telling us "Dream!"
Look what they did to Martin Luther, bullet holes in our Kings
And they wonder why we never believe
And they wonder why we never would leave
Nigga, we poor, young niggas worrying about that corner store
But the chinks own that
And you claiming that's your block; who you think own that?
Quicksand in the hood and we gon' sink on that
You should think on that
Poison water out in Flint, they let them little babies drink on that; they don't care about us

New York City
DC4 on the motherfucking way
You already know what it is
We only doing it strictly for the streets
We ain't doing it for the Internet
Strictly inspiration for the streets
Motivation for my young niggas behind them walls
My young niggas stuck in the trenches
You know what it is
New York City like my second home, nigga
Flex, we in the building
Hot97, you already know what it is

Views from the trap, nigga
I'm back, nigga, with two 9's; Warren Sapp, nigga
The crack dealers was new slaves, I toot Tre's
Jordan with the mic, making dudes fade, I do says
Sippin' on that shit like it's Kool-Aid
Rollie with the blue face, diamonds, they clear as Blu-ray
Suckers all in they new ways, different chapter, a new page
You fake if you don't speak to me
Real soon as you wave, I get it
Favorite singer, favorite rapper, I hit it, I'm with it
Try to tell me I'm losing and niggas winnin'?
They ain't want to see me on the yacht, no
They don't want to see me in the drop, no
Coming down Collins with my young niggas wildin' on the bike
Vroom, vroom, 12 o' clock, whoa
Hear no evil, I don't see no evil
Pocket full of dead presidents; them C-note people
We thought you was flamin' hot, why you cheat those people?
You fraud niggas, we can't believe those people
I need a witness
Now back to them trenches, we trap on them benches
With MAC's with extensions, this Shawshank Redemption
Locked my body up, but my soul free
Niggas do not know me, so how could they oppose me?
Kill 'em with success, they gon' kill me with emojis
Kill me with a meme, you pussies never could expose me
Did I fuck his bitch? Maybe it was the 'gram
Hurting these niggas hearts, I really can't understand
I started off with a dollar, turned it into a grand
Flipped it into a milli, I'm still reppin' my city
I pull up poppin' a wheelie, bending corners on coppers
Toting choppers and whiping the work up like Betty Crocker
Money, power, the crab in the barrel, no getting out it
What I told 'em, but I'm in Miami eating on Lobster
Bad bitches, I bag bitches that bag bitches
They mad niggas, they only hate, I get the cash quicker
Savages that blast with us, I past niggas
I lap niggas, I bend the corner, ride past niggas
I know how that money feel
Delaware State, landing choppers on the fucking field
My life so fucking real
I don't never go to sleep, 'cause I'm trying to see a hundred mil
That automatic automatically on me
I automatically clap suckers for running up on me
And automatically smack suckers and fuck up their homies
Finna fuck up that money, you think it did something to me?
I do things, new things
I'm getting blue cheese, no hot wings
I really cop things, new V's and hard top
And y'all niggas saying hoop dreams was hard rock
And serving samples to the new fiends, whoa