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Meek Mill – Derrick Rose Lyrics (feat. Mel Love)

Meek Mill – Derrick Rose Lyrics
(feat. Mel Love)

[Hook: Meek Mill]
I'm ballin on these niggas like I'm Derrick Rose
If they ain't talking money I don't hear em though
If they ain't talking pussy I don't hear them ho's
I'm a paper making, pussy getting animal!
More money, more problems
So every check I get I'm buying more choppas (x2)

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Hunnid stacks, that's featherweight
It's time to get this money and the record straight
Fuck the loud ho's, I don't ever hate
On the first night, I don't ever wait
I buy her weave, and red bottoms
Before you blink your eyes she got her head boppin'
I be in the hood, where the lean poppin'
While you was buyin' circles we was square coppin'
Thirty six, Pyrex
Bakin Soda, I make a nine stretch
Paper towel, let it dry yes
Got em lookin' at my wrist like "Is he signed yet?"
No nigga, you a ho nigga
Rapper, you a action figure G.I Joe nigga
Middle of the streets I'm on a 4-wheela
Same night I rock the same stages as O nigga

[Hook: Meek Mill]

[Verse 2: Mel Love]
I say, I be off in the kitchen
Pitchin' apron and a mitten
Trying to get it back ya a nigga trying to get it
Hit it hit it straight with a [?]
Trying to burn it all down and bring it all back
Know this shit done when it drop in the pot
For the right price I can make it straight drop
Right price drop make a lot lot
[?] nigga pop pop [?] fuck is y'all on
I don't like mine looking like popcorn