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Jesus Lover Of My Soul Lyrics – Hillsong


"Jesus Lover Of My Soul" Worship You My Lord Until the very end Worship you My Lord Until the very end Jesus Lover of my soul Jesus i will never let you go youve taken me from the miry clay Set my feet upon a rock and now i know I love you I need you Though my world may fall i'll never let you go My saviour, My closest friend. I...

I Will Sing Lyrics – Hillsong


"I Will Sing" For You have set me free You're all that I seek Your love completes my life You're the air that I breathe And the Saviour of the world He's the reason I'm livin' I will sing And I will lift my voice to the one who has saved me I will sing I will sing And I'll cry out for more saying Lord I need you I...

Jesus Generation Lyrics – Hillsong


"Jesus Generation" Let the Earth rejoice See the risen King On the clouds of praise He's exalted forever We will rise with Him Son of righteousness And the Earth will shake In the glory of heaven See the heavens open wide And His glory like a flood Fill the earth with salvation See the nations take His hand And in righteousness, they stand This is Jesus generation Glory, glory, glory, Emmanuel, God is with...

I Live For You Lyrics – Hillsong


"I Live For You" The day I found You, You made my world brand new, and You covered it with love Changed my direction, and now I'm heaven bound I'm running to You Once lost, but now I'm found in You Once shipwrecked now I'm grateful these days I live for You Like a river, You flood my soul with love Overflowing into joy Like a downpour, Your spirit raining down Let...

God Of All Creation Lyrics – Hillsong


"God Of All Creation" I'm totally abandoned to You I'm lost inside the rivers of Your love I'm swept into the power of Your presence Drawn toward the whisper of Your voice I come to You in quiet adoration And fall before Your feet You are my King I'm living for the beauty of Your Presence To behold the glory of Your face Holy, Worthy, is the Lord Heaven...

Forever Lyrics – Hillsong


"Forever" I'll Worship at Your Throne Whisper my own love song With all my heart I'll sing For You my Dad and King I'll live for all my days To Put a smile on Your face And when we finally meet It'll be for eternity And Oh how wide You open up Your arms When I need Your love And how far You would come If ever I was lost And You...

Saving Grace Lyrics – Hillsong


"Saving Grace" Night and day I seek Your face Long for You in the secret place All I want in this life Is to truly know you more... As the waters cover the sea, So Your love covers me Guiding me on, Roads unknown I trust in You alone My Saving Grace My endless love Deeper and deeper I'm falling in love with You My one desire My only truth Deeper and deeper...

Stronger Than Lyrics – Hillsong


"Stronger Than" Oh Lord You have shown Your favour Your every word stands true I'm found safe within in Your harbour Anchored deep in You You washed away my tears Gave me joy and freedom Lifting me through the years Your love is stronger than The sound of heaven's praises Higher than The lofty mountain peaks Deeper than The deepest ocean valleys Strong enough for me  

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