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The Story You’re Building In Me - Love & the Outcome

The Story You’re Building In Me by Love & the Outcome

Verse 1
They put it on the market, the house where I was born
Twenty years of memories, hard to let it go
It was a mess when we found it but my father made it home
That’s where I began, that’s where I come from

Verse 2
Started playing melodies on Grandpa’s piano
Singing songs about Jesus, those times were special
And every day You show me, another part of my story
And there’s sure to be some hard times
But a whole lot of beauty

Verse 3
Fourteenth of December, we went and got married
Then we moved down to Nashville
Someday we’ll start a family, then we got some bad news
That mom had cancer and if she was still here
She’d tell us remember

These are the things that matter in life
Living in every moment cause I can’t stop the time
Tomorrow’s gonna be yesterday
So I don’t want to miss a thing
This is the story You’re building in me

You know all of my days
My tomorrows are covered in grace
You’re in the middle of it all
And I want to say I’m thankful yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, the story You’re building

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