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Everything Must Go Lyrics - Brandon Heath

"Everything Must Go"

Saturday from 8 to 5
1120 East Valley Drive
Power tools and a few guitars
Atari and some vintage Matchbox cars
And a new bass boat
Everything must go

I ain't broke
And I ain't dying
I just felt like simplifying
Flat screen TV, recliner chair
Broken in real good from sitting there
You better bring some rope
‘Cause everything must go

Finally got it figured out
What I can live with or without
Get rid of what’s crowding up my soul
What's the cost of living free
What I own and what owns me
Make a little room for love to grow
And a stereo
Everything must be go
Bow and arrows, croquet set
Still in the box
It ain't been opened yet
Harley jacket, western shirts
I'll throw in an old juke box that still works
And some GI Joe's
Everything must go

‘Cause the more I let it go
The less I feel the weight
Tell everyone that you know
Come sunshine, come rain

Toaster oven, Nordic Trac
Make me an offer
I don't want it back
You better bring some rope
Free Oreos
Everything must go

Writer(s): Brandon Knell
Copyright: Haidaway Music

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