Blueface - @30mileexclusive Diss Lyrics

Finna bleed through this, fuck your hood, aight
Blueface, baby (Let's get to it, stop playin')
Yeah, aight (Aight)
Know I'm finna bleed
Finna get real disrespectful, listen up, bitch, aight

I pull up to that Benz lot, I'm finna blow commas (Bop)
Any nigga want beef, I'm pullin' up with chimichangas (I do this)
I'm bleedin' that last nigga, baby, I'm really him
These niggas really broke, everything ain't what it seem (I'm really him)
I want what's in them pockets, bitch, keep what's in them jeans (How much you got on you?)
FN Mob, whole squad full of assholes (Scoop)
Slidin' up and down Washington, bitch, we in bimbos (Bimbos)
Ten hoes, gang members chase money before we change clothes (Aight)
Kick door, get dough, pull up, then we glamp hoes
So much money in my section, bitch, you know we can't fold (Scoop)
I bash Benzes only, I done ran through four doors and coupes
Young hot nigga so these whores blow me up like fuckin' soup (They blow my dick)
I'm confused, how the fuck you niggas fly?
You don't even drive (Where is your spaceship?)
How you turnt up on the 'Gram but turn down when it's live
(Blueface, you really bleedin' 'em, chill out with all that wordplay)
Fuck that, I get these bitches wet and give a broke nigga a headache (Headache)
I told that bitch to give me neck, bitch, 'till your head ache (Head ache)
I ain't got time to fuck around, I need a bitch to make me bust fast
So I can hop in traffic and get back to that fucking bag (Bag)
Don't nobody love a nigga when a nigga doing bad
Blueface in the booth, bitch, you know I'm finna bleed it (Bleed 'em)
Lookin' like Janet on Instagram
Bitch pulled up looking like Michael
Bitch, you need to beat it (Beat it)
This shit easy, peasy
Thirty in my forty (Aight), and it's lemon squeezy (I do this)
Runnin' through these instrumentals
These rap niggas, waitin' for a challenge
Niggas thought shit was sweet 'til I socked him off balance (Boom, baow)
Blueface the flyest, bitch, I'm stylin' without a stylist
I'm not in the foreign slider, I'm goin' nuts
You dependent on that next nigga, you might as well be gettin' fucked (Blueface, baby)