"Politics Of Kissing" Lyrics - Amy Grant

Oh, oh, oh
(That's the politics of kissing)
(Politics of kissing)

She's looking back to see if he's looking at her
They talk without any words
And with a smile he's moving heaven and earth
She dreams of holding him tight
When will the moment be right
Gotta be diplomatic... a step at a time
Don't wanna blow it, baby

That's the politics of kissing
To know when to show when to show your hand
First thoughts then second guessing
A subtle supply and demand
Balance of power, baby
To hold or not to hold
That's the politics of kissing
Finding your way as you go, go, go...
How do you know

Head over heals under the moon looking at you
But do you feel it too?
And if I move in closer, what will you do
Cause I'm thinking please hold me tight
And am I the light in your eyes
I wish you had the power for reading my mind
Cause I'll never say it to you


Oh, oh, oh...

Hear what I'm saying to you


Writer(s): Clifton Magness
Copyright: Magnified Music, WB Music Corp.