"I Have Decided" Lyrics - Amy Grant

I have decided
I'm gonna live like a believer
Turn my back on the deceiver
I'm gonna live what I believe
I have decided
Being good is just a fable
I just can't, cause I'm not able
I'm gonna leave it to the Lord

There's a wealth of things that I profess
I said that I believed
But deep inside, I never changed
I guess I'd been deceived
Cause a voice inside kept telling me
That I'd change by and by
but the Spirit made it clear to me
That kind of life's a lie


So forget the game of being good
And your self-righteous pain
Cause the only good inside your heart
Is the good that Jesus brings
When the world begins to see you change
Don't expect them to applaud
Just keep your eyes on Him and tell yourself
I've become the work of God


Writer(s): Michael J. Card
Copyright: New Spring Publishing Inc., Mole End Music