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J. Cole – Blowin’ Smoke Lyrics

J. Cole – Blowin' Smoke Lyrics

Blowing smoke, showing growth, no one's close
Never mashing brakes on breakbeats or going broke ever
Never, Rozay rich forever
Learn how to take a punch can't be a bitch forever
Cause it's gonna come, if not from a fight
With that big ass bully nigga you never quite liked
And just from life, knocking you on your ass
Turning off all of your lights like Teddy Pendergrass
Or mama on her last dollar, tryna stretch it
Gotta pay electric, gotta pay the water
Why she wanna a daughter when it's hard enough tryna raise two boys
Back in the days, I would've hated on the New Boyz
Just saying, cause the radio was just playing
And I heard one of their songs and my nigga sang along
And I'm thinking to myself, damn they came and went
A couple singles but could never be the main event
Without substance, something for them to grab on
Wonder if niggas know they time is short and they won't last long
I ain't even certain, one day they love you
Next day they put the niggas you put on above you
I let you niggas talk, it ain't no need to interrupt you
Cause my album 'bout to be the biggest fuck you
And don't worry, we'll let you back on the train
Riding Jermaine, once you see these niggas not in my lane
I pray to god end they reign
I fucked a bitch I used to dream about
And could've died when I came from disbelief
Now I don't wish to speak on a name, that shit is weak
We the new lost boys, shouts to Mr. Cheeks
Shouts to Queens, getting money regiment with my getting money regime
I'm a money machine, developing the routine, nah mean?

Nah mean, nah mean?
That was like a Jay Z joint
Nah mean, Nah mean, nah mean, nah mean?
You know how he used to say it
Nah mean?
B-r-r-ing, warm up


Writer(s): j. cole bas omen