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Gucci Mane – Yella Diamonds Lyrics [Intro]

Gucci Mane – Yella Diamonds Lyrics

Big Cat Records

Diamonds hello yellow fellow
Mellow yellow diamond bezel
Aqua water, toilet water
Pissin yellow, shit mellow
Club light, club night
Shorty got a hella chain
Hella cake, hella fame
Drop top Corvette yellow thang

DeVille on the watch, chain, earring and ring shit
Hangin with the dope boys, cause they on the same shit
Blues got evicted, shorty think she seein things
Boy, I start on a skateboard and he skate man
Dope, be 180 mane, got these rappers hatin mane
Got it fo' Atlanta mane, brought it out my trappin game
Whole lot of traffic mane, bein mojo, stackin change
Tattoo of that yellow rang, shorty got a yellow chain


Cracy color cherry chain, same color my baby ass
Sellin white and smokin green, shiny yellow diamond cream
Time to work no time to play, every day I'm off in yay
Usin cocallina, choosin demi jewelry, boss excused
{?} runnin, scare a cover, ketchup stones and yellow mustard
Red, black and green bright, call the piece the motherland
All white earring, cost me damn near 80 grand
Five time zone change, what's the time in Pakistan?
Homeboy got a leather belt, Gucci flood it platinum belt
Crazy color karats, bitch went platinum, call it kuatinum
Shorty drunk just chewin his stacks, say that boy quadruple that
Gucci draw 200 ranks, how he gon' keep up with that?


Scoopy fruity icey part, the piece that'll change your heart
Gucci Mane up in your part, border diamonds yellow market
Ice stones, ringtone, green stones, cell phone
X-5, fifty on offset, all tones


Big Cat Records


Writer(s): t. sims, r. davis, radric davis, l. rogers