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Gucci Mane – Won’t Change Lyrics

Gucci Mane – Won't Change Lyrics

Zay, Gucci!
Zay you the greatest

I got a stash full of bands cuz I rubber band thick
I got a passion for the pan, I'm a water whip wizard
If you shop with Gucci Mane I bet your grams jump back
Got that flashback dope I bring your Grandpa back
And when that choppa in my hand, you gon' be the running man
And I count the money faster than a money counter can
You ain't getting shit back once the money change hands (bitch!)
For 50 keys of the sand, go to war with Jackie Chan
I text your baby brother twice and told him bring me my bands
Bricksquad so deep go to war with Iran
Half a mil on the plane but I'm flying air train
And if they come back to yo hood no mo' but I can [?]

I'm still making dope boy music
Treat a Bentley like a four door Chevy
My mama said she can't feed no sissies
Beat up on my big bruh wouldn't let me
16 oz in a pint and it won't change
36 in a brick and it won't change
Rich nigga keepin' it hood cuz it won't change
I'm just another nigga came up in the dope game

Since an infant they put me on this pimpin
My brother trap and I'm his personal assistant
I had a knot so big in the lunch line
They called my momma told her that I'm on the dope grind
Big bag, riff raff try me they'll get shit-bagged
Ballistic the car you just bought I'm tryna hit that
Fuck nigga, get back, 'fore you dun get head cracked
Quarter mil, everybody dead but the Kit Kat
Blitz me, I'll blitz back my career I will risk that
Kush so strong, people asking where you get that
I'ma have money nigga long as they print that
Same flow cuz I ain't broke so ain't no need to fix that


Had a 9 mil, Zay was making hits in his basement
Hit the club, jump the line, I ain't with that wait shit
Here's 500, I ain't beggin you to play shit
Jazzy T wasted before I made Wasted
RIP to Magic, damn that shit was tragic
Even though we bumped heads didn't wanna see you in a casket
I remember at least 6 different times that you blasted
Never kiss ass, real niggas never ass kiss
Nigga tried to kill me for a chain, nigga you could have it
People think I'm crazy like the Ol' Dirty Bastard (RIP)
I'm proud to say I helped my nigga Waka get a mansion
I wish my nigga Dunk was here I'd help him get a palace