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Gucci Mane – What They Do Lyrics (feat. Khia, Young Snead)

Gucci Mane – What They Do Lyrics
(feat. Khia, Young Snead)

[Intro: Gucci Mane (Khia)]
(Thug Misses in the house!)
Geah! Gucci Mane in the house
Gucci Mane, Laflare
(This is Big Cat reppin)
Big Cat in the building, so watch yo' mouth
So watch yo' mouth – tell me what they do?
(Tell me what they do?) Shawty what you doin?
Shawty what? Throw it up
(Oh you want me over there?)
Tell me what they do? (Tell me what they do?)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
What they do? What they do?
They get drunk and they get loose
Mix that Goose with Absolute
Then they turn to prostitutes

(Tell me what they do?)
Thug Misses and I'm lookin for a Thug Mister
Big spender, break bread like a real mister
Drop low to your knees boy, whistle on it
Then put that wood on me, cut me like you paid for it
It's on you, let me know if you really want it
You on Goose, so I know you gon' get loose
Pop a pill, do what you been wantin to do
Then make it rain like a motherfuckin hurricane
I hate lames, if you want it you gotta suck on it
Get it right, if you want it you gotta bid on it
Real thick and my sugar got gold on it
Spend on it, make a chick put her friend on it
Good neck, good back, ohh yeah I want it!!
Slide on it, make a chick wanna ride on it
Hair on it mean the nigga ain't scared of it
Thug Misses, Gucci Mane and you still want it


[Gucci Mane]
Tell me what they do?
For about a hundred dollars she'll let you come through
Two hundred dollars take her clothes off too
Three hundred she'll be all on you
For the fo' give a blowjob 'til she turn blue
Five hundred dollars she'll eat a girl too
Drop the whole stack she'll do the whole crew
Hoes get loose when they drink Grey Goose
Seee the Coupe on rims with the big sunroof
You can bring your friend and your homegirl too
Damn what you heard, baby girl it ain't true
I don't like her girl I really like you
Cause she already told me what she wan' do
Love it when you fresh and you wear perfume
Everybody stare when I walk in the room
Chain frostbit like a New Year's Eve
But the watch on fire like the first day of June

Let me show you what a real boss chick do
Make you feel real special when I'm on you
Slide low lay back and enjoy the ride
Super wet stay gushin on the inside
Water flowin like a stream call me Aquafina
A real bad mamma jammer, love it when you beat it
Stay fresh, stay tight, pumpin all night
I got that comeback, strokin on it just right
Guys we can play hard if you want to
Act like you don't want it when you know you do
It's real simple, use your lips then use your chin
Tip that pole back, baby sip on all the milk
Fruity Pebbles lips tastin like Fruit Loops
Lovin what you do when you gone on the Goose
You love it what I'm doin when I'm gone on the Goose
You gettin crunk and loose, good to know you suck it too