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Gucci Mane – Texas Margarita Lyrics (feat. Young Dolph & Dr Phil)

Gucci Mane – Texas Margarita Lyrics
(feat. Young Dolph & Dr Phil)

I'm in Austin
I'm fucking awesome
They wondering how much that cost em
So These hoes pop out
When I engross them
All yeah whatever

I use to fuck a bitch from Texas
Her daddy bought her a new Lexus
I use to fuck the bitch at her crib too
But I got too much respect for him to catch us

But she never let me drive that bitch whatever
I'm sporting that new Benz whatever
My niggas know I'm in whatever
I keep getting them spins whatever

Shout that nigga all style
Yeah nigga I'm on now
These bitches hitting my phone now
And I tell em shit you hit the wrong dial

Just drop a stack for the bezzle
Those rocks on that heavy metal
Jesus Christ I just got paid
And I ain't got nothing to do with the devil
My Moma told me play the game right
I you can always reach a new level
Well I'm on this shit
And I'm pac man
Like hansel and gretel

I Hit stage
Then I get payed
Don't fuck with these niggas
Like bitches got aids
And I'm too clean
Like I fucking y'all maids
I'm fresh to death
And the bed is my grave


I'm swerving, I'm sipping, I'm leening
My bitch look like a new being
She fiening for dick and she teething
I killed her shit, and her ex Is still grieving

But She'll go wherever I go
Deep dish that shit Chicago
Raw dog that ass Chicago
I'm flexing, pockets on macho
The chips I spent our nachos
Zay.muy guapo
Got the pimp game
From my pops though
I hit her slot
Just like she hit the loto

It hit it, shu, flea her
I cut her, I cleaver
I Tila tequila
I ice her
I Skii her
These hoes wanna buz
These hoes wanna bee her
We kick it, we fila
With thirsty ass divas

Mix lime, some salt, and that ice
Mix it with lean, tequila, and sprite
Roll up a l, then roll up the dice
AVG shit, free my nigga mac shyst

[Gucci Mane:]
I'm spilling oil like an oil spill nigga
And my diamonds match my car wheels nigga
And I'm flipping like a cartwheel nigga
Bricksquad we a cartel nigga
Fuck talking let the rubber bands get cha
Big dog I let a bunch of runts sick ya, sick ya
Got choppers on the wall like pictures
Put the pistol in ya mouth like dentures
Surveillance cameras at the spot motion sensors
Not just a boss, I'm motherfucking member
See I'm the owner and a motherfucking soldier
And tell your bitch I'll be gone in November
As a matter of fact I came home in September
Tell the truth, January , I remember
And plus my watch February, December
The big lion in the hood like' Simba
Plus I got nigga that dress in all black just like ninjas
With no nunchucks, nigga just extensions
Some of the best zip
Pimp C niggas like they come from Texas

30 days flat, made a hundred off the reefer
Drinking on their Pimp C Texas Margarita
I only smoke the best
Don't give a fuck who got it cheaper
Drinking on that DJ Screw
Texas Margarita

Texas Margarita, Texas Margarita
I put too much syrup in the bottle
Put me in a sleeper
Texas Margarita, Texas Margarita
Driving fast cars
Dranking Texas Margarita

[Young Dolph:]
Drank syrup till I'm dizzy
Ready to die I'm bumping Biggie
Pour 5-0s in one liter
Now my sprite filthy
Drinking on Texas maragrita
And the bitch with me she a molly eater
But I like the lil trick that she do with her tongue
So I got to keep her
Money call my phone, I pour up a cup
And then I gotta leave her
All my hoes stay mad at me
I keep em hot
Guess they got a fever
Looking at my rearview camera
Making sure its my two seater
Just missed a show and went to jail
For a cup of lean
Nigga fuck the people
I ain't tripping my nigga don't take no time to make no bun
Roll one up
Jumping up in the coupe
Pull up in the hood like uh
This Margarita straight mud
You can taste it
What's in that ginger ale
Activist what it's laced with


[Verse 3: Dr. Phil]
Codeine in my styrofoam
Dj Screw what I be on
My temper short but my money long
No girlscout only smoke strong
I call ya bitch when I want dome
Drop her off and get my juug on
I'm gettin money on three phones
Boost, Metro, and the iPhone
When I'm dirty nigga I'm ridin alone
Before I bend a corner put my blinker on
I'ma rape the city if I make it home
Buy an Aston Martin paint it all chrome
Give me one hour, have them Forgi's on
With a Spanish bitch [?]
Versace dress with no panties on
Red bottoms and [?]