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Gucci Mane – Murder For Fun Lyrics (feat. Ox)

Gucci Mane – Murder For Fun Lyrics
(feat. Ox)

[Intro: Ox]
Ital, original Don Dada say
The motherfuckin saga just begun
WARNING! Warning, cinder boots
Sunk in the mud, I am

[Chorus: Ox]
(Killin, killin, killin) The original, WAR! So
Kill dem pussy, we kill dem fi fun
Killin a pussy, we kill dem fi fun
Killin pussy, we kill dem fi fun
Send a man, no mind our business or die tonight
Or tell him ass again that 'im end soon come
Before 'im come, mi Gucci Mane come
Before 'im come, de Don Dada come
When we come, it's a battle gun come
Pussy gwan see we, and started to run
But – nowhere to 'ide, me-say nowhere to run
Infrared light might dead 'pon we gun
See 'im place the spot them a dead 'im fall down so
Kill him pussy, we kill dem fi fun
Killin a pussy, kill dem fi fun

[Gucci Mane]
Man I murder fo' fun but my job is never done
From morning morn' to the setting of the sun
Bad men come come, come get murdered for fun
The hundred round drum in my tommy gun
Be a cat in the Hum' I'll cut out your tongue
Me and Ox, man we murder fo' fun
Talk talk bad man, come get murdered fo' fun
The Gucci Mane, man I murder fo' fun
See my momma ain't raised no bitch-ass nigga
Never heard Gucci Mane no snitch-ass nigga
When you dealin with a vet, don't bring a rookie
Tell Young Jeezy that I smell pussy
The top shotter with the Don Dada
The whole hood is a done daddah
M holla to the state of Nevada
Put a hole in your fuckin oblongota pussy


[Gucci Mane]
Big Cat is a Army, better yet a Navy
Try to kill Gucci Mane, bitch it ain't crazy
Tell Jeezy it's a bullet with his name on it
A ten thousand dollar hit, he put my chain on it
Ye ain't heard about it? You ain't seen the news?
Ye ain't read the paper? You fuckin player hater
Bird brain-ass nigga perpetratin the boss
Might think you won one but you really done lost, bitch!