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Gucci Mane – Gods Witness Lyrics

Gucci Mane – Gods Witness Lyrics

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Born legendary on the 12th of February
Big fat rich nigga, call me refrigerator Perry
If I piss on your head then call it rain, do you believe it?
And the girls are freakin, I'm a lick it, I can't keep a secret
40 thou, chillin out, all of my pasta be the mattress
Look at me now, iced out, damn, I can fuckin asks
40 thou for a brick, now and let's not even tax it
Turn my spot, to a lean house, all I drink is actin this
And I ain't even gotta flex to you bitch, I'm rich
Got the whole wide world shorty on my dick
Go tell your hot mouth ho she can suck my dick
I blow my nose with money hoe, I'm snot nose rich
60's on my chargers so I'm dodging potholes ho
Yo nigga lost cause he got on that Mavada watch
And spill the sauce, bitch it ain't a car that I ain't got
Yo nigga lost it but Gucci bout to lose his top
She found it sexy that every problem I got I address it
These niggas flexin, I pistol whip the boy the boy that bring the message
Police interrogate, man fuck the shit, am I arrested?
If not let me go cause bitch I got a show in Texas
Black nigga but I gotta stand like I'm Mexican
And hit yo next to kin if I don't have my Benjamins
Popped two mollies and it boosted my adrenaline
And your baby momma say my nuts taste like cinnamon

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
I pull up in the Bentley and I give their ass the business
Tractor trailer full of midgets nigga come and get it
Nigga you know all the cash I made on I-20
God can be my witness, I'm a real trap nigga
Pull up in the Bentley and I give they ass the business
I'm servin by myself cause I don't need no co-defendant
Head count the money lost, counted 560
Cartel wanna clip me cause I intercept the shipment

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
I've been sellin' dope since a lil boy, I ain't have no choice
Two man operation but I ain't have no voice
I ain't have no Rolls Royce and I ain't have no Porsche
But if you steppin me out for these air force ones then yo ass gon get jumped son
Apologize to your granddaddy cause I beat up your grandson
I've been jumpin out of that van boy cause I owe cash to the landlord
Say I whip the nigga with a pool stick, man Gucci Mane is no poor shark
All this diamonds sittin on my chairs baby turned me into a cold heart
You can jump in front of these bullies and act like you a Braveheart
Quick ticket to the graveyard, playin hard but you fake heart
You with the one, bust the great boys, mind kidnappers rape boys
No discrete sensei boys, suggest you open that safe boy
You're on me since the 3rd nigga and you don't know it's the 8 months
Like how your blood taste boy, cause you lyin to me in my face boy
Your dad say you're a disgrace, mistakin the first place
Glock 40 on my waist, and I took the pistol on the first date

[Hook x2]