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Gucci Mane – Excuse Me Lyrics (feat. MPA Wicced & MPA Duke)

Gucci Mane – Excuse Me Lyrics
(feat. MPA Wicced & MPA Duke)

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Gucci so flossy, all my broads are bossy
Head 'till I'm nauseous, they keep me exhausted
Niggas wanna get it, Gucci went and bought it
My flow has been frostbit, haters wish I lost it
Traded like a foster, ever since a youngster
My lines has been bonkers, I deserve an encore
I heard that she dumped ya, chose me, then I dumped her
Stanky like a dumpster, funky as an oyster
Used to be an Oiler, I think he divorced her
He say he adored her, but he couldn't afford her
I don't have to bore her, financially support her
He do all that lame stuff, I just keep it gangsta

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
Please pardon me, please pardon me
I'm sorry I'm so spark-a-ly
I don't say this normally but please excuse my ornaments
Excuse me, excuse me
Please let me floss my jewel-a-ry
Gucci Mane ain't iced out how high you must be kiddin' me

[Verse 2:]
I pull up in a Zonda, he pulls up in Honda
Thang short as a garden snake but mine's an anaconda
Wrist like the Artic, my neck is like the jungle
Wardrobe full of animals, my closet's like the Congo
Motor is a monster, trunk is a gorilla
Ask me where my top is at I left it with the dealer
Ballin' in the VIP ther standin' in the line
My watch so stupid icy I can't even tell the time
My necklace full of diamonds, his piece gave him a rash
He bought it from the Texaco cause he didn't save his cash
Tryna be like Gucci Mane but he don't have a swag
Needs to take his jewelry off and throw it in the trash


[Verse 3:]
I'm in the bank making depo's, while y'all be gettin' repo'ed
I'm zero, zero, zero, comma, zero after zero
My jewelry game sick, I think my jeweler needs chemo
Wonder Woman bracelet on but I'm no superhero
Cockiest, I'm rockin' this cause ain't nobody hot as this
So hot as hot lava get and I'm not with that modest shit
Poppin' Cris', think that I need Alcohol Anonymous
.45 in the club, I could kill a hippopotamus
Office chick, college chick, I got game for any chick
I hang out with stars, you would think I'm an astrologist
They should pay me back for all this fuckin' game they borrowin'
Thirty grand a feature and I don't got time for bargainin'