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Gucci Mane – Cowards & Soldiers Lyrics (with DJ Drama)

Gucci Mane – Cowards & Soldiers Lyrics
(with DJ Drama)

[Verse 1]
My trap house chill like Morehouse I got niggas all around it
But yo trap like a whore house probly in there cooking brownies
Spell me, spell me, ain't nothing you can tell them
My goons all trained to go but you squad more pussy then Spellman
We stomp you like the Q-Dogs aka Alpha Kappa
Gambling with a poolshark find your body after later
College campus kush pack, three blunts make the party start
Don't make me start burning kush then start burning your body parts
Zone 6 still ma I'm a model, I'm valedictorian
Girl just broke up with me say I fucked the whole sorority
Retarted all the time I was bumpin' and choppin' authority
Tell it to my nine, 'cause you bitch niggas be boring me

He's got made for teenagers scary you can't join
But if you have the heart we can link up and have fun
They drink up all of the fuck if the lockers were made of bud
'Cause these cowards die as a thousand and soldiers they die as one
You know it's what these bitches in Atlanta keep goin'
Don't keep up the security we see 'em we keep blowin'
No glory for the team with scarce money and no guns
'Cause a coward die as a thousand and soldiers they die as one

[Verse 2]
I empty out the clip, believe me that's not a myth
I murk you on the scrifin' one question I plead the fifth
Your kush pack and my cocaine whiter than Taylor swift
And they tailor make my bread and dine collar costs me a grip
I'm cleaner than a whistle black diamonds matchin' my pistols
So beefin' with me nigga best keep yo head on a swivel
Quarter ticket every week and you dig it that's how I kick it
So you can leave the money and you can have all the bitches
Pardon my apology rappers these days not as hard as me
Avoiding me that's obviously cause they know they just frosted me
I brought to me you softer than Charmin and that's not hard to see
I own the street every beat that I spit on my fans applauded me


[Verse 3]
I'm back in the Maybach I'm blowin Kush in the back
Eight thousand dollars for the set, time to roll me another fat
The police pull me over they think of gon' catch a trap
Don't know it's only personal uses what's up with that
My wrist and knicks so rocksy I'm choppin' game up with Terrance (BURR)
I'm worn all 6 import talkin' cockin' thanks to my parents (BURR)
You strippers seen 10K worth of singles they squeeze they nipples
I tempt one till she twiddle and that's a bitch 'till she cripple
I keep word to a minimal rappers now wanna hush
I got to say too much 'cause my jewelry can't says enough (BURR)
I'm keep 'em up that's why you niggas ain't deep enough
You say you poppin' deep dish yo pockets ain't deep enough