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Gucci Mane – Birds Of A Feather Lyrics (feat. Rocko)

Gucci Mane – Birds Of A Feather Lyrics
(feat. Rocko)

[Gucci Mane:]
Burr burr burr burr burr burr burr burr yeah
It's 2 time gucci and I don't give excuses I use to drive a hoope
But now my life a move I'm genius like confuses so pleas do not confuses me
Don't thank cause I do music I won't pull up with oozes thay won't me just like
Tookiie but guccimane survive don't ask me nothing stupid or bury me alive
Right now I'm on that new shit my struggle I embrace it forever leaving diamonds
Like agent kings in Ashia big balling is my major I still got my lil trap house
A condo in south Florida I'm balling on you stack house I'm in and out the trap house in this ain't what you wonted
I put my shooters on you you'll thank yo house was hunted pounds in the bath tub
Keys on the dresser my money in a great place where I could never tell yea
Cinderella story call me cinder fella I make it rain so much the strippers gotta
Bring umbrellas I double spike the punch skip breakfast and lunch
I sell a thang and whip a plank and eat some captain crunch I smoke a blunt and go to brunch
And bae I don't do dutch I let her order what she won't order what you must

A thay didn't thank I would be back I told them wait and watch
All you weight watches kick back and factor this omega ain't no comming after this
We the realest niggas coming from Atlanta street ya'll thought atlanta rap was all
Novelty (where you was at) I was in the trenches trying to escape probity
Or probably out selling sack or probably trying to figure out where the fuck you hang yo sack at
Way before I was hitten sack 5ave (what you was doing) I was on the avenue picking quarter
And taking orders from no nigga but the consumers (what you is) I'm a zone 4 nigga I hid the meals up in my room (n my draws)
These niggas grew up with a silver spoon I had a dusty folk you had to learn to wiggle up jus to get it up
Niggas playing cards in the hood but I ain't playing hell I will throw in my hand if I hand ya'll hand
And niggas a cut off they hand jus to have my hand I'm that nigga now look at you you throw dealing
Purple sent lergederment yea I'm threw dealing my name whole wait I carry my own weight