Travis Scott "Quintana" Lyrics
(feat. Wale)

La Flame...

[Chorus 2X: Travis Scott]
Straight from Mexico, call her Quintana
...Damn she smoke my dope
...Swear to God we go Rambo
...If you disrespect the dope

[Travis Scott]
Praise to the pope, bless you with this dope
Step into my world where we get ghost, cause in my mind we float (straight up)
Everytime we step into 1 Oak, they tweaking off the coke
Fuck I'm out my mind, I'm burning bread so much lets have a toast
My niggas and momma know that if I wasn't here, nigga I'd be dead (straight up)
Now I'm in the building thinking billions counting millions, what a feeling
'Member when I never ever made shit? (Straight up)
Now me and my niggas rocking chains and whipping slave ships, now who the slave bitch? (Straight up)


[Travis Scott]
Straight from the lair or Himalayas
I got more keys than the mayor, let's have a prayer (bless up)
So devine, I put my pager, I hit her later
Dawn to dust I'm trying to get made, I been up for days (straight up)
Damn I'll never popped another pill, man that shit is real
Girl you know you fucking with La Flame, you know you know the drill
I reach to the heavens, lord forgive me I sin
May La Flame live forever, and always bring them in (straight up)

[Chorus - 1X]

Look, god niggas can't fuck with me, I've got a bunch of bitches tryna fuck with me
I'm unsociable with like most of them cause I don't socialize with them suckers, man
Lyrically I will demolish, this is the nail in the coffin, niggas is soft
Niggas remind me of nails at a spa so under-polished, novices
They barkin' up the wrong tree (Double M)
Trust me if you with me then you goin' eat
I got them sweatin' like these bitches herein all day
And I'm off Atlantic, 2-1 rob 'em, bumbaclot, nigga
Not a P-O-K, I'm out for the VS, get lifted, few zips like a c-check
Use piff, short words for the loose girls, all mine's re-up, y'all regret
Don't worry 'bout my team, my team is set, don't worry 'bout T, it's in depth
{When it come to the ma'fuckin' c-notes} we starters, it's the ma'fuckin' glee club, goddamn

[Interlude: A$AP Bari (Travis Scott)]
La Flame, don't play no games
These niggas is lames
This niggas ain't lords, we the new lords
(Mercy me, oh, mercy me) [4X]