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FERNANDO ORTEGA - All That Time Lyrics

All That Time Lyrics

Roses outside the window screen
A breeze that lingers in the blinds
A song and a prayer to slow the time
A couple of chairs pulled in a line

He remembers to breathe and then forgets
He says, Come on, we let him rest
Into the golden afternoon
Much too long, and over soon

This is the moment that lovers part
He tries to take her but he cannot
The long years ending with a sign
And all the anguish, all that time

It may have been love that held them fast
Or want of love that made it last
Our long arms hanging at our sides
All that time, all that time

Wasn't it love that made him cry?
And love that seemed to pass him by
The voices raised, the voices kind
And then the silence for all that time

This is the ending we will take
For one another, for always
A well of tears, a wall of pride
And all our love, for all that time

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