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DJ Mustard - Ghetto Tales Lyrics
(feat. Jay 305 & Tee Cee4800)

[Intro - Jay 305:]
Uh, Motherfuckin' hood tales
Nigga These my hood tales, nigga

[Verse 1 - Jay 305:]
Woke up, brushed my teeth
Cross the street holla at known G "tell me about the raid that happened down the street"
Blowing out smoke telling me "watch these suckas keep you a freak, but most important get your money"
Smiles and cries hi's and bye's fo'sho whatever that means
Got some gang now let's get something to eat pick up M got in the wind
Forgot I left my pistol in the rental I was in
Shootup there got my shit
Back to the block where i heard some shit same time I got a text from punk ass bitch "Im pregnant"
Ain't nothing happening "I used the condom bitch I ain't the daddy"

[Hook - Jay 305:]
In the hood ghetto tales uh In the ghetto nigga
Uh I'm a ghetto nigga I'm a ghetto nigga
In the hood ghetto tales
Uh in the ghetto nigga Uh I'm a ghetto nigga I'm a ghetto nigga

[Verse 2 - TeeCee4800:]
Woke up quick right about noon
Just thought that I had to be in midtown soon
Yankee fitted hat nigga to start my day we bang the 2uce over here thys aynt west LA
Put on my fresh blue chucks with the flat blue laces
Put on my earrings make sure them bitches is blanging
Check the store press any nigga look like he banging
Couple hours later just me and my niggas we swanging
It was about six o'clock seen the house on the block with all the lights out looking like a easy flock
All you gotta do is knock told that little nigga get out grab the safe grab the jewelry nigga and get out
Uh now we at the skating rink nigga parking lot cripping seen a couple niggas slipping
Pulled up on him quick nigga dropped the whole clip didn't leave no witnesses that's some hood shit


[Verse 3 - Jay 305:]
What? hood ass bitch shut the fuck up go pair some shit
Oh shit there go the police CRASH! i ain't getting caught in the sweep
I'm breaking trying to shake him in my new gucci's wish I would've change 'em
Fish game alley way the bird came out ran to my motherfucking aunty Tammy house
Im Gucci I got a way but that don't mean I won't get another day
Smokin' homie tryna sell me his J's type of shit that happen every fucking day