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The River Lyrics - Chris Tomlin

"The River"

When I was held up in chains
The river was free
When I was covered in stains
The river was clean
When I was losing my way
The river found me

I can see the river
I can feel the river
I'm letting go of all I hold onto
Let it wash away

When we were broken inside
The river was love
When we were thirsty and dry
You were more than enough
When we were drowning in lies
The river saved us

I'm dancing in the river
And I'll be here forever
I'm letting go of everything but You
Carry me away

Carry me away...

Writer(s): Luther E. Lynch, Raeford Gerald, Joel Madden, Keir Gist, Don Gilmore, Benji Madden
Copyright: Rightsong Music Inc., Divine Mill Music, Spectrophonics Inc., Emi Blackwood Music Inc., The Madden Brothers

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