Chris Stapleton - Was It 26 Lyrics

Livin' hard was easy when I was young and bullet-proof
I had no chains to bind me, just a guitar and a roof
Emptied every bottle, when I poured I never missed
I had blood shot eyes at twenty-five or was it twenty-six
Didn't seem to matter what price I had to pay
Cause anything worth havin', I’d just lose anyway
Friends worried about me they’d asked if I was sick
Thought I wouldn’t die at twenty-five or was it twenty-six

Those two years run together like whiskey over ice
Melted into memories like somebody else's life
I’m glad to say, I’ve come around
But if I could have one wish
I’d like another try at twenty-five
Or was it twenty-six

Met a girl from Georgia, smart and pretty, college grad
I thought my luck was changin' but then it all went bad
I guess I fell in love with her all it took was just one kiss
But then she said goodbye at twenty-five or was it twenty-six


I've been down that road before almost as far as hell
Deception or redemption, I guess only time will tell
I have faith and the knowledge that God gave us a gift
I couldn't hide at twenty-five or was it twenty-six



Writer(s): DON SAMPSON