Chris Brown - M.F.T.R. (Remix) Lyrics

Creep up on these niggas, creep up on these niggas
Speak up on it, nigga, speak up on it, nigga
Walk up in that bitch and wave at everything
Walk up in that bitch and wave at everything

Gon make it bang, gon make it bang
Getting followed by them hollows, gon make it bang
Niggas ain't been to church in a minute

But it's funny how that TEC make a nigga get religious
Amen, amen, hey
Waving at these niggas, hey
Start waving at these niggas, amen, hey
Waving at these niggas, hey

Sawed off shotty, Reebok pump a nigga
I Kirk out for them Franklins, I stomp a nigga
Virginia mind, I dump on em and throw the gun away
The shoe fits weird, nigga, now run them Penny Hardaways
You can't have a conscience when you a God, nigga

What the fuck is a city to a Godzilla?
Okay, now everybody tough, everybody buff
Tell you, Shoot at they feet, and watch them double Dutch
Oh, no, then dance, little nigga, dance, little nigga
You by yourself now, what's the plan, little nigga?
Gon make it bang, go and make it bang

Pusha just want the money, I'm taking everything
Hand me the ratchet, put everything in the basket
All of the paper and plastic, hollows, I'm giving them out
Run in your house, sticking a gun in your mouth
Niggas turn religious when they staring at the devil
Pull that trigger, chopper Rocky like I'm playing heavy metal, ah