"Red Sky"

There's a man on my street
He reminds me everyday
Better take what you can get
Cause there's nothing more than this
Daylight fades into the ground,
Oh Lord I need You now

Cover me
With the red sky tonight
The promise of a better day to come
Sing over me
An angelic symphony
Tell me everything will be alright
With the red sky tonight

We're so taking with our fear
Now we're folded up in shame
With our feet nailed to the floor
We're the only ones to blame
I can't help but wonder why
Nobody bats an eye
You can see it in the faces
Of all the passers by

I'll sail into the sun
And when the day is done
I need you in the night
To wake me in the dawn
I see you in the sun
When the day is done

It's the red sky
It's the red sky