"Who To Listen To" Lyrics - Amy Grant

Don't take a ride from a stranger
No way to know where they go
You may be left on a long dark road
Lost and alone
Don't you recall what your Mama told
You've got to learn hot from cold
When you're afraid that you might get burned
Where do you turn

You've got to know who to
Who not to listen to
You've gotta know who to
Who not to listen to
They're gonna hit you from all sides
Better make up your mind
Who to, who not to listen to

How can you learn what is true and just
How to know who to trust
Here comes a man with a scam to sell
How can you tell
You've got to know there's a bigger plan
Room to fall, room to stand
Pray for the plan to begin in you
Keep your heart true


Everyone will have their words to say
Find the word to help you find your way


Writer(s): Tim Marsh, Mark Wright, Gary Chapman
Copyright: Emi Blackwood Music Inc.