Lirik Lagu The gift of knowing you - AiAi & Daud

When I see the stars at night, how my heart is drawn to you
(Cai wu su te hei ye li, wo yong sing sing hua chu ni)
And their light shines Your grace on me, how I long to be with you
(Ni te en tian ru chen sing, rang wo cen se de cien tao ni)
I lift my voice in praise, I will Love You with my life
(Cai wo te ke sen li, wo yong ying fu can mei ni)
For Your beauty and Your goodness never end
(Ni te mei hao se wo cing sen song yang te)


Nothing compares to knowing You
you are the treasure of my life
(Ce yi sen cui mei te cu fu ciu se neng ren se cu ye su)
trusting in Jesus Christ my Lord
My richest blessing in the word
(Ce yi shen cui mei te cu fu, ciu se neng sin khao cu ye su)
in the valleys or on high You are with me all the time
(Jou cai kao san sen ku tha hui ban wo tong sing)
thank you Lord, for the gift of knowing You
(Wo ce tao ce se cui mei te cu fu)