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A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Work (Remix) Lyrics (performed by A Boogie & Don Q)

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Work (Remix) Lyrics
(performed by A Boogie & Don Q)

You want that work, let's work
Fuck her good, make her squirt on my Balmian shirt
I don't care 'bout your bitch but if I want I'll take her
I don't let her run my paper, I erase her
Ever since I was a youngin' had a lot of haters
Lil' nigga with a four-five, tuckin' razors
Paul George with your bitch, to the beat I pace her
If she let me go nut then I'ma lake her
I get
Flyer than a motherfucker
Fleezy on the line like A Boogie wassup with you?
I be on my grind, bro you know I still fuck with you
I was broke wit you so I'ma be stacking up with you
Excuse me, these new jeans cost a stack now
She noticed I was rocking that Vianni when I sat down
Breezed on 'em, act like I sneezed on 'em, I dab now
140K on a Beamer, had to put half down
I don't know why they think I really changed
When I'm just going harder than ever, I'm still the same nigga
Kenzo eye on my sweater, I see the hate nigga
I'm just feelin' better than ever, don't try erasin'
And the way I bodied my Saint Laurent's, they look like J's nigga
In the field we touch down, we don't play with 'em
First tape hit 30K, less than a day
Now you want a verse with A Boogie, you gotta pay nigga
I do my damn thing, this is easy
Highbridge on my chain, them diamonds 3D
New Years, pop forty bottles right next to Ri-Ri
Only made this song cause I only wanted Ri
I swear, we could get along I swear
Sing a song in a room, where it's no one there
I pull up in a foreign, in a long Moncler
I pull up hit me up and you know I'm there
I'm there, girl you know I'm there

We could work work work work
Work work work work work work


Writer(s): Julian Gramma, Artist J Dubose

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