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Yo Gotti – White Friday Lyrics

Yo Gotti – White Friday Lyrics

Yea I’m coming back at em
I ain’t letting up off these niggas
Fa what?

This the squeal to this shit
Yea that White Friday
Got dropped by the industry
But the streets hired me
Yea the streets hired me
Yea the plug signed me
5 bricks for my advance
Breaking bread with my lil mans
In the kitchen with that pot and with that work I’m too ad vanced, man
Free Tha Guys Homie
I’m fighting to bring the guys home (Iam)
Fuck the judge
Money ordered
Head bowed, praying for ya

Ay if you find another nigga like me point em out
I wanna fuck wit him you know what I’m saying
I need that nigga on my team homie (Free Tha Guys)
See this niggas can’t fuck with me cause they ain’t fit to be fucked wit

I’m always in the kitchen
My brother went to prison
Hate I couldn’t finish college
Had every point intended
Niggas hating I sense it
I can feel the tension
I can see em muggin
But they don’t want the issue
Fuck security bitch I start bussin, (Blah)
Fuck security bitch I start bussin
Niggas paying for protection
Guess they gettin extorted
I don’t understand they logic
I just can’t support it
Mind your business Gotti (Iam)
I just can’t ignore it
I’m just speaking out my mind
And they record it
When I see fuck shit in the game
I report it
And I do real beef I don’t rap beef that’s why I avoid it

Niggas be like Gotti man why you don’t.. you say this and do…
Man I’m not wit all that clown ass shit hoe
We come from where life real my nigga
You gotta stand on that shit you talking bout partner

I got questions I need answers
Why I’m so into these dancers
No CPA for my financial, (no CPA no CPA)
We got extendos on them blammers, (100 shots in that AK)
Free lil homie from Alabama, (Free lil homie free lil homie)
Just bought a mansion in Atlanta, (2 Million dollars for my homie)
Play wit them keys like a piano
It ain’t no business we can’t handle, (It ain’t no issue we don’t handle)
Been through alot of shit with the same clique of niggas
You don’t see him round then the nigga wasn’t wit us, (Fuck It)
Or he was wit us till he did some foul shit
Look this lawyer ass nigga, put him on the bench
Take him out the game
Taking back his chain
How you go against the boss
When he put you in the game
Stupid ass…

I don’t get it man
It be some stupid ass niggas
Tell my niggas forget it
See understand it like
Never bite the hand that feed you, (Niggas need a reminder how to be real out chea)
Never go against the squad
It’s a family homes you know what I’m saying
And this CM8 my nigga understand that
And this might be the last one I do so…understand this a street nigga collectors item homes
(White Friday)
And I declare
All across America niggas dropped the price by ten, twenty percent just for this one day
I’m talking four, five racks off any brick homie
Imagine that
Let’s get it