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Yo Gotti – Concealed Lyrics

Yo Gotti – Concealed Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
They cooperating with the state, the case concealed
Remember Rico, from cm5 shit revealing
Jook ran off on the plug, damn near got me killed
But that’s my brother so fuck em, ya know what it is
Hunnid choppers in the spot, look like Taliban
A hunnid niggas already killed, ya know what I’m saying
They tried to shut the hood down, we ain’t going though
I been to prison, stressing lately, so I’m blowing dough
Nigga hurting in the hood, trying to give em hope
Bitches tryna throw me pussy, I tell em no
I’m a million dollar nigga, don’t excite a nigga
Bitch if I go to jail today, would you write a nigga

Keep the game concealed
I’m tryna tell em how it is
Like Migos Bout my M&m’s
Bitches jocking, niggas hatin, ya know what it is

[Verse 2:]
Don’t give no money to no hoes
Won’t put money on yo books
I told epic I’m bout money, I don’t give a fuck about no looks
I don’t give a fuck about no bitches, and they feelings
Fuck about no niggas, telling me I’m not real cause I’m winning
Give a fuck about no penitentiary no consequence
Pussy niggas, I’m diving in it
Give a fuck about no gossip, no rumors, won’t respond
All this and that, and back and fourth
All this social gangsta you on
Give a fuck about no bodies, or no murders or no guns
Give a fuck about no stripper bitches, even though I throw ones


[Verse 3:]
Free C Murda
R.I.P to Soulja Slim, nigga
If ya got a minute in jail, go and see him nigga
Money order, send a picture, that mean ya fucking with em
It’s only right if ya hold it down, then ya was thuggin’ with em
Whenever you see me, you see the sad faces
My nigga go to jail, we got the same case
Read between the lines, bitch I’m riding for em
I’m a rapper and security bitch I’m fighting for em
My niggas do a big, I hold it down for em
And if the ho a hunnid, I make the time for it
Don’t do no talking, straight out the muscle
I’m a keep a lot of shit concealed, til the art of hustle