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Gucci Mane – Shittin’ Onum Lyrics

Gucci Mane – Shittin' Onum Lyrics

[sound of a fly buzzing around]
Hot damn! Hot, hot, stankin hot
A steerin wheel charm 'bout the size of a dinner plate

Too many VVS, and when you see you got to say
("Gawwwwd damn! Sheeeeeeit!")
Is your lights on? (Yeah) Iced on (Yeah)
Diamonds on my chest my name right on my wrist my fist
it be like ("Gawwwwd damn!")
All the hoes sayin ("Sheeeeeeit!")
Then the niggaz be like diamonds on the chest thick
Wrist, arm, fist, man, Gucci Mane, LaFlare, he the shit

Gucci Mane in the party, bump whoa Kemosabe
So sick with the words think I need chemotherapy
No simpleton, but this beat, it's a sicken them
Gucci Mane the maestro but you should take a whiff of it
Halloween down to chain, hoes wanna trick or treat
Brother trick it off, 'fore I take yo' bitch out to eat
Buyin chain so foolish, girl I spent a hundred G's
I can trick my brightland then, and, get a hundred G's
Hundred G's ain't nothin to me, I need least two thousand ki's
Where are those two thousand pizzas it been dry out here a week
Laugh not for the kid dawg, twenty thousand for a fee
Ten cars, got a fleet, I done rolled and everything


See the second verse better so get your air freshener
Wanna be like Gucci? Little buddy eat your vegetables
I'm on another level, I'm Gucci Boosay
Gucci boots were purchased 'fore they came out schedule
Thirty-five thou' just to come to your house
say happy birthday, ate cake and bounced out
Now Gucci is a drought, whereabout, not in this house
Pills pills powder traphouse like a drug sto'
Never too much, I'm the shit, like the commode
Toilet stool breath ass girl, you need to back up
Shawty so fine she need to slow it up, slow it up
Shawty showin legs but she still ain't seen enough


Speedy, Gucci
The So Icey boys baby girl, see our diamond watches
All the girls are jockin cause they know, that my diamonds poppin
Floppin, flies around me, cause they know that Gucci's funky
Toppin, and bossin, and save the posses for the runnin
AK-47, is still, what's shakin for me
So Icey squad pussy nigga, we cross the country
See I'm the man, bland pussy nigga we the army
We made a plan, and, and, look we formed a company
So mad, told y'all that we gettin money
Every day they cocky, and dirty laundry
1500, just to clean my garbage
I'm Gucci Mane, LaFlare, I'm from the projects


("Gawwwwd damn! Sheeeeeeit!")
[flies buzzing]
("Gawwwwd damn! Sheeeeeeit!")
[fades out]